About me - shirley byrd

shirley byrd

In short, I'm a food photographer who loves to cook.

Color, form, the structure of food and light passing through or around it fascinates me.

If I could miniaturize myself and drive a go cart through the winding layers of a red onion to reach its green, unripe innards just to gaze deep into its color, I think I would.

I bought my first entry level DSLR at age 69, started shooting plated foods and beverages for my food blog anns-liee food photography and recipes.  

Many of the dishes and beverages you see here at were prepared by me.  

Wine and jazz go well with preparing salads, soups, snacks, and main coarse meals. A clear head and quiet go with baking.

For me, photographing food to reveal the essence of its beauty demands a total inhibition to shoot outside the norm.  While shooting food to elicit a mouth watering effect seems to require a bit more discipline.  I love to shoot for both styles.

Along with my dog Susan and miscellaneous stuff, that’s about it unless you want to know my life story.  Better to stick with  my photography!